Elect a Councillor Passionate About Our Community

I am proud to call myself a lifelong resident of Ward 7 and Strathcona County.  Growing up here I’ve attended rural schools, participated in local community groups, and worked my way to a Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Alberta, as well as active membership on the Strathcona County Museum Board.

With a deep rooted appreciation for our Ward,   I hope to become your next councilor and put your vision for our county to action!

I look forward to talking with many of my fellow residents and community groups soon about the direction to improve our home county in!

Motivated To Become Your Next Representative

Member of Your Community

  • Resident of ward 7 for over 20 years
  • Member of family of 4, with extended family roots in the county, Mundare, Vegreville, and beyond!
  • Grew up with a rural acreage and farming lifestyle
  • Passionate about our local rural schools (I should know! Ministik, Fultonvale, through Ardrossan!)
  • Participant in Minor Hockey
  • Contributor in local heritage groups, and hobby organizations
  • Avid lover of hiking local trails and county events

About Dylan Bohaychuk

  • Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree from UofA
  • Currently working on a second degree in Computer Science at MacEwan University
  • Strathcona County Museum and Archives Board member (OL)
  • Tech-savvy and understands the importance of strong communication with local residents in today’s world
  • Passionate about the local area, its environment, and people!
  • Strong appreciation of our Ward’s impressively great  history and the will to create a future worthy of it
  • Experience with business, accounting, economics, internet,  law,  politics, and more

Dedicated To....

Transparency!  Accessibility!  Affordability!  Communications! Intense Public Involvement 

I believe that its important that residents get more than just results of decisions reported after-the-fact, and that information is passed every step of the way. 

Residents of Ward 7 should be able to easily find out where initiatives are headed, it’s step in the process, and a general idea of any effects a potential decision will have.  

Major public Involvement will be a dramatic change from how the direction of the Ward is decided now.  There will be a new system for residents to directly voice their concerns in the Ward 7 community, from business, recreation, infrastructure and services, events, and much more!  After all, who knows better the needs of the community, than the residents themselves!  Public input should be much more than simple surveys and a municipal election every 4 years!  I propose creating a comprehensive in-person and online program of engagement back and forth between both residents and the municipality. 

Check out the COMMUNICATIONS page for more information on what your friends and neighbors are talking about, public involvement, and how together we can put your Vision Into Action!

Getting Your Voice Heard in the County

Ensuring your voice is heard in county affairs is my top priority.  The reporting and discussion of any issues or needs is but an email or call away!

In the future, there will be great opportunities for residents to change the direction of Ward 7 policy, and make sure the community gets exactly what they need to succeed.

I look forward to speaking with further with residents both in our Ward, and throughout the county about putting your Vision into Action!

Checkout the NEW Ward 7 Facebook group page!

Promote conversations between residents, and highlight what make our area such a great place to live!

Here you can find local event postings, questions/answers, history, local shops info, and more!

Vote BOHAYCHUK October 18, 2021