BEYOND the Election!

What happens after the election on October 18th?  

Unlike some politicians or candidates who stop concerning themselves with their constituents past election time door knocking, you’ll find me maintaining a VERY up-to-date precence online and in person!

After the Election, this website will transform into a place where you can get updates on Ward 7 matters from county hall!  You will see progress bars on how far along your vision is, when meetings may be of committees or groups made of ward 7 residents to tackle issues, information on how to get involved, or even just to a simple way to ask your councilor a question!

This will promote accessibility to your councilor and make your your voice and vision are heard in this community 


Potential Futures for Ward 7?

Ward 7 is large, but a relatively small population.  As just one vote on council, getting your vision out there can be quite the challenge!

To ensure the success of any initiatives to improve affordability, our local area, or even just get our voices heard, communication is paramount!

Getting the community involved in organized committees, maintaining/improving membership at community associations, promoting local events, and keeping up to date on county matters will all help ensure that Ward 7 can (and will) make a difference in Strathcona County!

How Can We Work Towards Meaningful Improvement?

Glad you asked!  Communication will be an important step toward improving affordability and our area!  Some ideas I have heard or came up with could be:

  • Actively promoting local shops and businesses within the ward,
  • Ensuring public participation and confidence in groups working toward Ward 7 improvement goals,
  • Creation and promotion of a common community hall/league membership (in cooperation with local community organizations) with activities between the different areas of rural Strathcona County,
  • seeking to involve the next generation’s youth in community activities and events 
  • >YOUR IDEA HERE!<    Contact me anytime with your vision of how to improve our wonderful rural Ward 7!

Vote BOHAYCHUK on OCTOBER 18th, 2021!