Communications in Ward 7!

When talking with residents about their visions for our Ward 7, there have been many different ideas and desires expressed.  As a councilor I wish to work with you and your community in Ward 7 to ensure the very best outcome for your vision!  A ‘grassroots’ approach will ensure that your ideas won’t get lost on some desk in county hall or end up as a unreturned phone call!

Let me know what your vision for our ward is! Click the button to the left to get in contact with me either by website form or at my email at!


The cost of living has risen so  much that its become harder to call Ward 7 home!  Residents are getting taxed out of their forever homes by arbitrary land value assessments, price of fuel/utilities/food has risen spectacularly over the past few years!

In many ways, Covid has also taken its toll on financial stability, business troubles, and employment.

While some fixes is out of reach for a municipal councilor (I’ll never promise what is beyond municipal power to deliver), I will do all that is within my power as councilor to reduce the cost of living any way I can!

Whether this be through land value assessment freezes for seniors, increased fiscal and budgetary oversight, or promoting affordable options within the county, You can rest assured your vision and future is in good hands!

Environment, Health, and our Peaceful Ward 7

Having both talked with your friends and neighbors, and my background with a degree in Environmental Science, I know that the ecological health of your area is important to you!  Whether this is ensuring that there is ample room to enjoy walking trails, or places to visit during a trip to one of the ward’s many lakes, I want to hear your vision to protect and improve our area!

Anyone notice that some of our roads have become just a bit…. bumpy?  That passing a car in some places makes for a narrow squeeze?  If so, I want to hear from you!  I was talking with such a resident the other day about them narrowly missing a truck on RR 222!  This is something we can improve by involving the whole community on what needs to be done!

Many concerns have been about our medical health since the covid pandemic entered our lives over a year ago.  I wish to work with residents about what they feel is necessary during these difficult times and help keep everyone up-to-date on the latest news regarding this ongoing situation. 

A Step in the Right Direction: Communications! Accessibility!

Unlike past councilors in our area, I want to promote AND maintain an open dialogue with members of our ward!

Having a accessible, online presence for a councilor is vital to the success of your vision in our ward! 

In our first steps, I have started a Facebook group online for our ward to promote conversations between residents, and highlight what make our area such a great place to live!

Here you can find local event postings, questions/answers, history, local shops info, and more!

After the election, this site will also transform into a place to be updated on the latest out of county hall, progress bars on your vision’s goals, and somewhere to contact your councilor whever you want to! 


Click here to visit our Facebook page to meet your local Ward 7 community Today!

The Resident knows Best: Public Involvement

The ultimate vision is to dramatically increase the amount of direct resident participation in Ward 7 matters beyond every four years at election time. This means rapid and widespread transparency using online mediums, meetings, frequent forums to speak new ideas and debate, community online votes for the direction of our ward, etc.

Ideally this will unify our large and diverse ward into one mindset, and help our case for improving ward 7 in the county council (not 1 vote vs 8, but a force of 3,200+ households involved in collective decision making).

By working toward a system of increased public involvement and oversight, residents will be able to get exactly what they need acknowledged, and influence the direction of our ward.  Nobody knows exactly what residents need to succeed more than residents themselves.

Want to hear more about continuing accessibility and communications BEYOND the October 2021 election?

Vote BOHAYCHUK on OCTOBER 18th, 2021!