Questions and Answers (F.A.Q.)

Sherwood Park News

Up and until the election, Sherwood Park News will be running questions to all the candidates and their answers.  Here is collected all Dylan Bohaychuk’s responses to each question!


Question 1:

What does the community need to rebound from the impacts of COVID-19 over the next four years and into the future?
(Printed Tuesday, Sept. 28)

    Should I be elected, I wish to ensure a new era in communicating with the residents of Ward 7 and Strathcona County. Already I have put great emphasis on the internet in conversing with residents, and will keep this up with quality available online information beyond this election period. This will ensure that residents and businesses get what they need to succeed and is paramount to any rebound.

    Focusing on encouraging cottage and brick/mortar enterprises, ensuring agreed upon health protocols are in place, and attention to affordability for our senior community will be a great beginning. There will be some people who weathered this pandemic worse than others, we need to make sure no one is left behind by Strathcona’s restart. Mental health will be just as important as social and economic health. Keeping toward quality rural internet and much needed road improvements will better equip the residents of Ward 7 to handle a post-covid Alberta.

    We are in unprecedented territory. By working together, directly giving any-and-all available information in an easy to understand format, and working directly with residents to put their vision and needs into action, we can promote a strong Strathcona County moving into the future.

    Budgeting is always a difficult task for any municipality. We cannot have a deficit, and we also do not want to tax out local businesses or make living here unaffordable for existing residents or new families. Especially now with Covid, we need innovative ways to tackle Strathcona County’s budget and directly involve the public in how their tax dollars are collected and utilized.

    There’s always a way to refresh a system: resident involvement through accountability oversight boards, fiscal prudence, and transparency through third-party intermediation are tried and true methods practiced elsewhere. Streamlining, tax reform, alternate sources of revenue, incentives for incoming businesses/entrepreneurs, etc.; Finding a way to make new things work that we can all agree on is ideal.

    We cannot keep losing services and infrastructure in Ward 7. We have lost Minstik Hall, the respected Minstik School (even as a facility), and the only Provincial campground in Strathcona County in the last two decades alone.

    To become a councillor is to genuinely examine all financial solutions without bias; Balancing the economic needs of residents against the social and environmental. Business, transit, education, families, recreation, community, the environment, and more are all needed aspects to consider in crafting a budget.



Question 2:

How will you approach budgeting and fiscal responsibility? 
(Printed Tuesday, Oct. 5)



Question 3:

How will you make Strathcona County the top destination in the Capital Region as the best place to work, play and live? 
(Printed Tuesday, Oct. 12)

    Strathcona County is many things: bustling hamlets, natural wonderland, peaceful communities, prime farmland, forests, and lakes galore. Without a doubt in my mind there aren’t many better places than this; but we have room to improve.
Recent “best place to live in Canada” articles analyzed by Money Sense Magazine has seen our ranking drop in 2018 from 3rd to 59th in 2014. Even St. Albert consistently ranks higher as the best place to live in multiple magazines. Although our ranking is impressive, its time for a fresh approach; a new take on how to move forward.

    Ward 7 has a proud history of recreation, business, air travel, vacationing, and more. Its time to once more embrace our heritage and work hand-in-hand with local residents to make our rural home a strong partner in Strathcona County. Where Ward 7 once attracted visitors from across the county, now has become the neglected child of Strathcona County over the last couple decades.

    Further improving existing systems, neighbourhoods, recreation opportunities, partnering with exciting new ventures, and more while tackling affordability at the direction of residents will allow our Strathcona County to be the crown jewel of the capital region for decades to come.

    Our Ward and its people have a long storied history before even the first bricks were lain in Sherwood Park.

    At one time we were the undisputed center of the entire region. An economic and recreational powerhouse of national renown. We have lost schools, businesses, our recreational heritage, community halls and more. Indeed, Ward 7 is peaceful, beautiful, semi-affordable, and surrounded by close community, but today, Ward 7 is but a hollow shell of its former self. Great losses like Ministik facility, while council elsewhere approves millions for Ardrossan Rec. upgrades and its $700,000 skate park, $90,000,000 Field Houses, and other ward’s projects.

    Let me be the catalyst for change in this Ward; Letting the local residents take command of a new ‘Lakes Ward’ renaissance. Community mandated direction through frequent public forums/debates, real-time online reporting, online voting, local business revival, affordability strategy, recreational resurgence, and much more. Celebrating our area’s natural gifts and tranquility, while improving through facilities and services long since overdue.

    We have the ingredients today to reforge Ward 7; united as 3,200+ households we can begin the process of cooking a new Ward 7 recipe. One that will once again be the toast of 2025’s capital region.


Question 4:

 What changes would like you like to bring about for your particular ward? If elected, how will Strathcona County be better off in 2025?
(Printed Friday, Oct. 15)

Chamber of Commerce Forum

The Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to participate in a virtual political forum for the next Strathcona County Council, to be held:              

Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 7-9pm – Ward 1, 2, 3, 4, 8

Thursday, October 7, 2021, 6:30-9:45pm – Ward 5, 6, 7, Mayor

         Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce

This forum has been both live streamed via webcast, AND recorded and posted online for public viewing. 

Commonly Asked Questions

These are some questions that come up very frequently in my communicating with residents! 

To benefit the highest number of people here are some simplified common questions I get and (shorter version of) the best answers I can give!


“How are you connecting with the community so far?”

Good question!  With Covid among us, and a 4th wave breaking down our doors, I needed to take a good hard look on how to put my best foot forward.  

The internet is already a big part of my platform with complete transparency and rapid accessibility of information for all.  Making full use of this technology I wanted to start working beyond the election, and thus “Strathcona County – Ward 7 Communicates” was born!  Over the next 4 years this group will serve as a starting point to connect and unite Ward 7 residents to put your Vision into Action. 

This is only the start in a plan to get our community directly involved in Ward 7 affairs not just every 4 years in election season!  Informative internet-based communications, meetings, community direction votes, and a bold new approach that will be the envy of every electorate in the rest of Strathcona County!

Come out and vote October 18th for a breath of fresh air in Ward 7 and Strathcona County!


“Where can I vote this election? How do I know which ward I am in?”

The county actually has an  interactive ward map! (

Strathcona county will be sending out voter information cards at the end of September which will tell you the location of your designated polling station, its hours, etc. Advance polls are open October 4th-October 16th but they change locations somewhat.

Ward 7’s polling stations are St. Luke Catholic School, Uncas Elementary School, and Fultonvale Elementary/Junior High School.


“What is your position on rezoning farm land for residential or industrial use?  Do you think we are doing too much or too little of that, with the proposed expansion northward?”

    Having an Environmental Science degree background, I like to look with a analytical eye on a lot of land use practices. I think a balance is needed, as well as a lot of involvement from the public. This is Strathcona County, and so the opinions of Strathcona County residents should be paramount to any decisions made.

    With these sorts of decisions, we need to take into account needs of the community, motivations of those pushing for the development (and what they stand to gain), if the decision process was fair and how much the public was directly involved in the decision, if higher weighting was given to local residents in development zone, intermunicipal implications of building versus not building, and much more. In terms of Bremner, there have been many, upon many concerns that the public involvement was unsatisfactory.

    As someone who is running on increased communication and widespread direct public involvement, that is unacceptable.